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Museum Press and Marketing Leader

Help London Canal Museum punch above our weight with the press and media


Learning Team Volunteer

Discover and learn with our younger museum visitors


Help out at Project Soup

'Be part of Barnsbury's first 'Mirco Crowd - Funding Supper Event'.


2017 Summer Wellbeing Festival Set-up

Get fit and healthy by helping us set up the Manor Gardens Welfare Trust’s Summer Wellbeing Festival 2017.


Bring our projects to life

Whip up some eye-catching promo adds and help us spread the word about our upcoming projects and events.


Resource Pack - volunteer

Looking for a researcher to support the creation of a resource pack.


Carers Hub Support Volunteer

Join our Carers Hub volunteer team to help with answering enquiries, and sign-posting clients to other services and organisations.


Graphic designer for Speak Street

Create some design work for an upcoming social enterprise and boost your portfolio!


Enquiries Volunteer (Telephone)

Join our team of Enquiry Service volunteers and help us deal with telephone enquiries from local older people


Are you London's freshest Fashionista?

Do you have a talent in design, fashion, making and creating? Our young people are ready an waiting to be inspired by you!


Here To Community Engagement Challenge

Goals and the desire to stand out to employers? Get noticed through this flexible skills building community challenge.


Talking to the youth

Help bring the community together to inspire our youth