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Trustees are asked to give approximately 10 days per annum

Help support the children of Islington

Join our board of trustees and help deliver excellent children’s services and be part of making a difference for the children of Islington.

What you'll get from us

  • Gain experience working in a highly respected organisation in the world of play.

  • Make a huge impact to children in Islington by sharing your expertise as a trustee

  • Connect with vibrant community sector network in Islington

  • Learn how the Islington Play Association is making an impact for Islington's children

What we need from you

  • Previous contribution as a trustee, non-executive director or part of a senior leadership team.

  • You will have experience in a leadership role.

  • Ideally have expertise in: playwork, HR, finance, fundraising or voluntary sector governance

  • Have experience of play either as children's playworkers or parents or carers.

  • You will have personal integrity, are responsible, think independently, have common sense & vision.

What's it like?

  • I enjoy volunteering with Islington Play Association because it gives me an opportunity to do something entirely different from what I do all week in my job. It feels like I am really making a difference.

    Juergen Heeg