Get involved!

Let them know you're interested

This can be done around your availability

Research local theatre in Islington

Gain research experience by researching the local theatre scene in Islington with Speak Street pop up language cafe

What you'll get from us

  • Get some experience for your CV and gain research experience

  • Linked:in recommendation and reference available

  • Get an insider look into an emerging social enterprise in Islington

  • Learn about the local theatre scene and what potential there is for new performances

What we need from you

  • You're interested in helping understand the needs and barriers of people to learn English

  • You can take notes and write up your findings

  • You're able to type up notes and email them and/or meet in person with Joanna from Speak Street

  • This is flexible around your availability

What's it like?

  • When my boss told me about Speak Street I thought it was great as I can come here and improve my English and meet new people at the same time