Get involved!

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Create the next chapter of the Here To

Have your ideas immortalised in art by having a chat with artist Ji who'll be finishing off her 'Here To Story' artwork at the event

What you'll get from us

  • Learn how the artistic process works and see it as it unfolds live at the event

  • Become more involved in the Here To community by adding your ideas and thoughts to the Here To story

  • Be a part of a crowd-sourced artwork by renowned wall artist Ji which is also her first colour piece

  • Another star towards getting a free and yummy Uddelicious ice cream

What we need from you

  • A good knowledge and understanding of what Here To's about

  • A willingness to express yourself creatively

What's it like?

  • Ji is an amazing and inspiring artist and it's really great to have her on board to visualise the Here To story. We're looking forward to adding new pieces to it in the future and displaying it in our office

    Katherine Horsham