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Get a rare insight into how websites are tested and improved by telling us what you think of our new website features

What you'll get from us

  • Find out about the latest ways you can get involved locally on the brand new Here To website

  • Give feedback and inform future website developments for the benefit of the whole Here To community

  • Learn about the website testing process and digital developments happening at Here To

  • The chance to meet the team at Here To Islington

  • Access all kinds of CV, learn, health, things & community perks by looking at other live projects

What we need from you

  • You can find your way around a website and your can share your views about it

  • You don't mind getting stuck in and having a good browse of a website on an iPad

  • A good eye for detail and an understanding of processes would be an added bonus

What's it like?

  • I have been really impressed by your professionalism, pro- activity and responsiveness. When you have an intense job, little things like finding the time or keeping the momentum going to help out locally can be tricky. But you've been very helpful

    Louisa Baily

  • Most of the changes we have made to the Here To website are rooted in the feedback you've given to us - good or not so good. Telling us what you think of these updates will help to direct improvements in the future

    Katherine Horsham