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Devise a mouthwatering recipe

Learn all about the city farm on your doorstep by sharing your recipe ideas from their local seasonal produce

What you'll get from us

  • Learn more about how to reduce food miles by eating local seasonal food

  • Learn more about how a city farm works and how to support its development

  • Find out about a hidden city farm and community hub that's right on your doorstep

  • Get some tips from expert growers on how to prepare simple, healthy recipes with fresh produce

  • Another star towards your yummy and free Udderlcious ice-cream

  • Recipe ideas that you can take home sourced from the Here To community

  • Think of a recipe that appeals to hungry diners & you might get it onto the Freightliner's Cafe menu

What we need from you

  • An ability to tease out recipe around a few key ingredients that results in a tasty meal idea

  • A culinary eye and/or you're comfortable experimenting with food

  • Knowledge of what grows locally/seasonally would be great to support the farm's sustainable ethos

  • An appetite for and interest in locally sourced, organic food

What's it like?

  • I was amazed to find a farm right on my doorstep in the middle of the city! Freightliners Farm grow all kinds of things I would never have expected to find. I think everyone can learn something by getting involved with this activity!