Get involved!

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Oversee the running of fun activities

Get dynamic events experience by overseeing the activity programme at Here To's 1st Birthday Party with a team of helpers

What you'll get from us

  • The chance to meet local residents who, like you, are involved in helping the community/Here To

  • Meet the team behind Here To and discover the achievement and goals behind an innovative project

  • Great events experience for your CV and a LinkedIn recommendation

  • Get new skills and learn how to make/do new things taking part in the activities you're overseeing

  • A free Here To t-shirt and cloth bag, as well as canapés and ice-cream at the event

  • Get a wellbeing boost knowing you're enabling others to take part in activities that help locally

What we need from you

  • You've got an eye for spotting issues before they happen & can keep track of several things at once

  • You’re a natural when it comes to leading activities and ensuring things runs smoothly

  • It's no sweat for you to keep activities running to a timetable and moving groups of people around

  • iPads make you feel happy and you're able to coach guests through signing up to the Here To website

  • A loud voice (if required) to get the attention of large groups!

What's it like?

  • I’ve just joined the Here To team and I really like the creative and dynamic atmosphere of the project. The birthday event will bring lots of people together and I’m looking forward to seeing all the connections being made

    Joanna Bevan

  • I have been really impressed by your professionalism, pro- activity and responsiveness. When you have an intense job, little things like finding the time or keeping the momentum going to help out locally can be tricky. But you've been very helpful

    Louisa Baily

  • I worked alongside Katherine on several occasions to plan a high energy day of pop-up activity in Islington. I really LOVED being part of the Here To Takeover: it was really fast-paced and we achieved a lot with just a couple of planning sessions

    Casey Robinson