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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who are Isledon Here To CIC?

    We are a local organisation created specifically to deliver this project on behalf of Islington Council. Our members are FutureGov, a digital innovation company working with local government, and Isledon Partnership LLP, whose background is delivering leisure and youth services in Islington. Our company number is 8157010 and our registered address is 50 Isledon Road, London N7 7LP. We are registered in England and Wales.

  • What is the 8 Step Wizard?

    The wizard includes eight simple steps that will lead you to create an exciting, enticing opportunity to promote to people in Islington. Having worked with many organisations, residents and community groups, we’ve tested what motivates local people and organisations. Our 8 Step Wizard helps guide you towards promoting your opportunity in a way that will help recruit the right people with the right skills.

  • What is a wizard?

    Inspired by our 8 Step Wizard, Here To Islington wizards are the magical people who support Here To Islington. Each wizard has a different ‘secret’ skill, be it organising events, photography, social media or something else equally amazing. They support the Here To Islington team in getting more people involved in Here To Islington and are here to help you with any questions and problems you may have.

  • How can I find an opportunity?

    You can search for ways to get involved on the homepage of our site. You can search by the types of skills you want to share, or the perks you’ll get for helping out. You can also search by postcode to find an opportunity just round the corner from home, work or your Nana’s!

  • I am not a charity, can I still post an opportunity?

    Yes, anyone can post an opportunity as long as it benefits the Islington community through an event or project. However, Isledon Here To CIC has the right to refuse any opportunities that are not relevant or suitable for the site.If you have registered interest for an opportunity, but have been inspired and would like to post your own opportunity or start a new project, please get in touch

  • I want to do something for a specific cause — can I do this?

    Based on what we found out in our user testing, the information on the site isn’t organised by cause. However, with a bit of searching you can see what the aims of the organisation are and if they fit in with the cause you are passionate about.

  • I can't make any of the dates advertised, what do I do?

    The opportunities will always show only the next three dates to get involved or find out more. If you can't make any of the dates advertised then pick another date and write in the 'anything else' box and let them know other dates you might be free and once registered the organisation can get in touch to try and find another suitable date.

  • Is this just for people in Islington?

    Yes, Here To Islington is currently just for organisations and residents from Islington. If you’d like Here To Islington to come to your area then please get in touch with us at

  • I'm having trouble completing a project listing, what should I do?

    If there are technical problems or you don’t understand any parts of the site then drop us an email at or call us on 020 3475 3825.

  • How do I contact an organiser?

    If you’ve found an opportunity you like then click on the date you want to meet with them to find out more and get involved. You will then be asked to fill in a few details about yourself before clicking ‘submit’. An email will be sent to the organisation giving them your details. We help you make the first connection, then it’s up to you, but please let us know if you don’t hear anything back from them.

  • I can't commit long term, can I still do something?

    Yes, absolutely! Most of the opportunities posted on the site will be flexible to fit in with the free time you have available.

  • How do I know an opportunity is genuine?

    We take reasonable steps to make sure that the organisations who post projects are real and respected, and we reserve the right not to publish opportunities if we have any doubts. Where an organisation has specific needs (like a DBS check, for example) we will publish that information if they ask, but we ourselves do not check out any people that express interest in an opportunity – that is for the organisation to do. Our full terms are here.

  • What do you do with my information?

    We keep any information you supply on a secure server and use it only to deliver this brokering service and to communicate with you about Here To. We won’t spam you or pass on your details. Our full privacy statement is on the website under Privacy Statement.

  • Does the website use any cookies?

    We use cookies on this site to make it work better. We use 'Session Cookies' (“here_to_session”) to keep you logged in so that you can browse away from the site and come back without having to log in again; and we use 'Analytics Cookies' (cookies which begin “_ut”) to see how well the site is working. None of these cookies store any data about you. If you want to know more about cookies and how to manage them, take a look at this information from the Citizens Advice Bureau and Google