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Bring our projects to life

Whip up some eye-catching promo adds and help us spread the word about our upcoming projects and events.


Graphic design guru's... We need you!

Design an eye catching poster to help us recruit local people, ideas and offers for our Rose Bowl Summer Celebration


Summer Social Development Project

Get to know our members as you take part in fun-filled workshops and really help make a difference in their lives!


Song Sharing & Collecting Tutor

Teach Song Sharing and Collecting to older people in Islington


Jewellery Making Volunteer Tutor

Teach Jewellery making to older people in Islington


Walking Group Volunteers

Get fit and healthy by joining to lead walks with older people in Islington


Enablement Volunteer

Volunteers are matched to an older person to provide 1:1 support for 6 weeks, to achieve the outcomes in their personalised plans.


Graphic designer with creative flair

Create 2 fabulous booklets for our new Explorer Bag museum trail


Become a Buddy - spread happiness!

Bring some joy to an older person and reap the rewards to yourself!


Wanted! Reading Challenge Champions!

Helping children complete the Summer Reading Challenge and helping staff with summer events. This project is for young people aged 13-19.


Urban Wild Places

Inspire urban communities to grow wild and play outdoors


Mesmerising Mosaic Artist's Needed

Support local residents to create fab mosaic art to decorate our youth hub. It really needs a little bit of colourful love...

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